Mail In Sharpening Services - Scissors, Clipper Blades & Knives!

Our main sharpener is welcoming a new baby and will be taking this time to heal and spend much needed time with her family.

Are your clipper blades catching, cutting unevenly, getting clogged or causing yelps from clients? Then send them into Simply Sharper to be professional cleaned and sharpened.
Have your scissors or shears stopped giving you a clean straight cut? Do they bind up or tear the fabric? Then send them into Simply Sharper for professional sharpening.
Is your knife not as sharp as it once was? Are you working harder to get a clean cut? Are your cuts uneven? Mail your knives to Simply Sharper and we will clean, inspect and professional sharpen your knives.

Simply Sharper knows how important your cutting tools are and how, when they become dull or nicked, that they no longer perform the way they need to. Here at Simply Sharper we offer local (Fox Cities) and mail-in sharpening services. That's all we do. We can sharpen just about any blade including shears, scissors, pinkers, clippers, knives, industrial and fabric scissors. We sharpen all Convex and Beveled edge shears using the Scimech Sharpening System and our Scimech Flat Hone Sharpening System which gently removes nicks and wear without grinding or damaging your shear blades and restores the shear to its original factory condition.

Click the links above to learn more or call us with questions. We look forward to keep your cutting tools sharp. We are located in Appleton, Wisconsin and serve all of Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, and beyond with mail in sharpening services.